Founded in 2006, the United Capital Partners (UCP) Investment Group is one of the largest investment firms operating on the Russian market. UCP owns stocks of major companies in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, engineering, metals and mining, financial services, internet technologies and other sectors. Assets under management exceed three billion US dollars.

UCP has closed more than 25 successful transactions. The company has more than 60 highly skilled employees, many of whom are former investment bankers with multi-year experience across many sectors.

The most notable transactions include Essar Oil, the company owning a refinery in Vadinar (India) with logistics infrastructure and a chain of gas stations, power generation holding InterRao, operator of Russia’s oil pipelines Transneft, the largest Russian producer of refined zinc and zinc alloys Chelyabinsk Zinc, a leading drilling company and petro-services provider Eurasia Drilling Company Limited (EDC), the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic sapphires for hi-tech applications in electronic industry Monocrystal, an online household services platform YouDo, the leading Russian social network VKontakte, developer of solutions for remote identification and verification of clients, partners and employees Sum&Substance, and others.

UCP’s investment philosophy is based on the principle of creating long-term shareholder value. The firm actively supports the implementation of best practice corporate governance and participates in shaping the development strategies of its portfolio companies.

UCP is a member of the Association of Institutional Investors (API), uniting Russia’s 25 largest and most active institutional investors. Together with other API members, the firm participates in creating mechanisms to protect the rights and legitimate interests of investors. UCP is also a member of the National Alternative Investment Management Association (NAIMA).